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Explore our premium tent accessories like the Safari A-Frame Kit, Safari Wall Kit, and Kozi 6p Tent Tunnel. These high-quality additions provide extra space, protection, and versatility to your tent. The Safari A-Frame Kit offers a sturdy framework for additional storage, while the Safari Wall Kit creates a more enclosed area for your tent. The Kozi 6p Tent Tunnel extends your camping area, accommodating more campers comfortably.


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Safari A-Frame Kit: Easy Setup and Enhanced Stability

Upgrade your camping experience with the Safari A-Frame Kit, designed to replace the internal centre pole of your tent. Setting up your tent becomes a breeze with this kit's user-friendly design, allowing for a hassle-free assembly process. The Safari A-Frame Kit provides enhanced stability, ensuring your tent remains sturdy even in challenging weather conditions. Say goodbye to the hassle of a centre pole and enjoy a spacious and unobstructed interior within your tent.

Safari Wall Kit: Extend Shelter and Create Customizable Spaces

Maximise the functionality of your Safari tent with the Safari Wall Kit. This kit offers the flexibility to easily extend the shelter of your tent, providing extra coverage and protection. Create customised sections within your tent, giving you privacy or separate living spaces, enhancing your camping comfort and convenience.

Kozi 6p Tent Tunnel: Expand and Connect Multiple Tents

The Kozi 6p Tent Tunnel is a game-changer when it comes to expanding your camping area. This tunnel joins two Kozi Series 6P Instant Tents together, effectively doubling your living space. The tunnel conveniently zips to each tent's frontage, creating a seamless connection between the two tents. For added stability, the internal webbing strap clips to each tent, providing extra support. The Kozi 6p Tent Tunnel comes with a 25mm telescopic trigger lock pole, ensuring a secure and reliable connection between the tents. Experience the joy of a larger camping area and connected living spaces with the Kozi 6p Tent Tunnel.

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