The Different Types of 4WD Awnings - Which is Right for You?

The Different Types of 4WD Awnings - Which is Right for You?

Enjoying the great outdoors with a swag or rooftop top is awesome, but the versatility and peace of mind that comes with adding a 4x4 awning to your camping set up? That takes things to the next level.

Their innovative design provides protection from the elements and additional living space for cooking, dining or just enjoying the serenity. But which type of 4WD awning is right for you? Let’s break down the different types of car awnings, their features and how to choose one.

Types of 4WD Awnings

A 4WD awning is a retractable shelter that attaches to the roof rack or side of your 4-wheel drive. Each type of car awning has its own unique features and benefits:

Side Awnings

The original car awning. They’re quick and easy to set up and pack down, making them perfect for camping, caravanning or when you don’t want to fight the locals at the park for a picnic shelter. Side awnings typically have a more affordable price tag than other types as well.  

Secured to the side of your vehicle in a water-resistant bag, simply unzip, unroll and set the poles (but make sure you tie the awning down to avoid wind damage).

180 & 270 Awnings

These types of awnings offer the same durability and convenience but with 180 or 270 degrees of coverage. To put it in perspective, 270 awnings provide cover from the side of your vehicle, all the way around to the back. Not enough space? No worries. They’re compatible with wall sets so you can create a fully sheltered and comfortable campsite.

Freestanding Awnings

Like other 4x4 awnings, freestanding awnings are mounted to the side of your vehicle but can support themselves without poles. This unique design feature gives you a clutter-free campsite as well as shelter from the sun, wind and rain. 

You can secure freestanding awnings in windy conditions, but the DARCHE 270 Freestanding LED awning features a wind rating of 30 kph (the only wind-tested one on the market). 

How To Choose The Right 4WD Awning

Picking the right car awning in NZ, Australia or anywhere boils down to three things: coverage, material and features. 

Think about how much coverage you require and choose a 4x4 awning that suits your needs. For example, the DARCHE Eclipse 270 provides 11.5m² of cover, making it ideal for the monthly bush bashing session with a few of your mates. Whereas the DARCHE Eclipse 180 Awning with 8.2m² of cover suits couples and solo explorers just fine. 

Now, all our 4WD awnings are made with premium and weather-resistant materials on sturdy frames. But you should also choose a car awning that meets your outdoor needs. Planning to camp in the summer? Then you’ll need a 4x4 awning with plenty of coverage to protect you from the harsh sun.

The DARCHE Range of Awesome Awnings

Choosing the right 4WD awning can significantly enhance your camping experience by offering protection, comfort, and versatility. If you're looking for ease and affordability, a side awning might be your best bet. For more extensive coverage, consider a 180 or 270 awning. And for those who value a tidy campsite, a freestanding awning is a great choice. 

The right awning should fit not just your vehicle, but also your style of camping. Speaking of the right awning, make sure you check out the DARCHE range of 4WD awnings online or in store today.


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