The Wind Test Series: Air-Volution™  by Darche                          The Wind Test Series: Hi-View 2 RTT by Darche  
The Wind Test Series: Air-Volution™  by Darche      The Wind Test Series: Hi-View 2 RTT by Darche

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We’ve talked the talk, but can we walk the walk?

According to the Bureau of Meteorology, wind conditions are categorised by wind speeds in kph intervals with speeds of 60-90kmph classified as near gale to strong gale winds.  

In collaboration with Monash University, we tested our Air-Volution™ AT-6 and our Hi-View 2 RTT against ground-breaking winds. Testing was conducted in the three-quarter open-jet test section of the Monash University 1.4MW Wind Tunnel. The wind tunnel is a closed circuit wind tunnel that is powered by four DC electric motors that drive two fans, each five metres in diameter. Testing was conducted with the jet in a raised position at a height of 4150 mm and a width of 4025 mm, providing a jet area of ~16.7 square metres. (Rowcroft & Burton 2016).

Our gear was tested against a range of yaw angles with 10 second incremental increases of constant wind speed held for 30 seconds at a time.

The results?
Air-Volution™ AT-6: 3.5 minutes of constant wind suspended at 69kph with full recovery and no structural damage.
Hi-View 2 RTT: 4 minutes of constant wind suspended at 81kph with full recovery and no structural damage.

Our products have already proven to withstand wind gusts of up to 110kmph in natural conditions. However, constant gale force winds conducted in a wind tunnel is what takes this to the next level, as tremendous forces have been applied on all integral structural elements, including major A&B seams.

Tough? Of course.
Enough for a wind storm? You bet.

Rowcroft, J. and Burton, D. (2016) Darche Tent Wind Tunnel Tests. Monash University, Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering.