Compact Solar Light

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Illuminate your tent, roof top tent, swag, awning, campsite or pathway with the Compact Solar Light. An ideal application for any outdoor or household use. Use foldable carabineer to hang under the bonnet of your vehicle for unexpected bush-mechanics, or from the ceiling of your sleeping area as a night light for reading or changing.


Features & Specifications

  • Expanded:108mm H x 87mm W
  • Compact: 57mm H x 87mm W
  • USB charging cable
  • Dual light modes - bright white, warm white, warm white low
  • Battery Life - 5hrs - 20hrs 
  • Composition: ABS base and silicone body



Low-light is ideal for illuminating internal sleeping areas while and reducing shadows visible from the outside of your tent, rooftop tent or swag. Bright-light is perfect for up-close work or lighting up a campsite after sun down.


USB interface allows for internal battery to be recharged from a vehicle, computer or any other power source. Built-in solar charging panel recharges internal battery when access to power is limited or unavailable.


Constructed with an ABS base for durability and a silicone body for collapsible design and convenient storage.

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