Roof Racks for your Roof Top Tent

Load Rating on a Roof Top Tent

The most important factors to consider:

  1.  Your rack system type
  2. Your vehicles Static and Dynamic roof load rating.

Static weight load: refers to the weight when the vehicle would be stationary
Dynamic weight load: measured whilst a vehicle is mobile and on the move

Australian Standards require roof rack manufactures to rate their racks under Dynamic weight load.

Darche’s roof top tents weigh between 50 and 65 kg.

Most quality Track mount and Gutter mount roof rack systems will accommodate the weight of a Darche roof top tent based on their Dynamic weight load rating.

As the Roof top tent ladder also acts as structural support when the tent is opened and in use, the actual combined static weight load of a roof top tent with two adults on the vehicle can be determined as follows: 

Weight of Roof top tent: 55 kg  
Weight of Roof racks: 12 kg
Weight of two adults: 180kg
Total weight = 247 kg  

Approximately 1/3 of the weight is supported by a correctly extended ladder.

Actual total static weight on the roof= 164.6 kg

It is always recommended that you ask your roof rack supplier for a roof rack system that is suited to roof top tents.

Canvas Care

We recommend that new Darche swags are thoroughly wet down before first use. This will ensure that your swag or tent performs well in wet weather by allowing the poly/cotton corespun thread and canvas to swell ensuring the take up of any potential leaks in the stitching.

  • Do not use soap or detergents on the canvas.
  • Do not store the product if wet, allow to dry first.
  • To clean use a soft brush and cold water.
  • Do not expose to petrol, oils or harsh chemicals.

Cleaning Mould

  • Allow mould to dry
  • Remove surface mould off with stiff bristle brush
  • Vacuum the area
  • Treat area with Oil of Clove spray (diluted spray can be purchased or can be mixed using a few drops of oil into a spray bottle of water)


Condensation is a natural occurrence in cold weather. In confined areas like swags and tents the body releases more moisture than the canvas can dispose of. To minimise the chance of condensation, we recommend slightly opening the window of the swag or tent to enable airflow on cold nights.

Sleeping Bag Care

Shell: 100% Polyester. Lining: 100% Polyester. Filling: 100% Polyester.
Sleeping Bag Care Labels 

  • Hand wash only.
  • Wash seperately in warm water using mild detergent.
  • Hand rinse thoroughly.
  • To dry lay in shade on flat surface.
  • Do not machine wash or dry clean.
  • Do not iron.


Maxtreme is a specifically designed and constructed swags canvas used exclusively by Darche in our core range of swags. Darche are of very few that still use a canvas composition in its core range of swags.

  • Super strong and durable with its 52 x 48 Ripstop weave
  • Maxtreme is constructed using ring spun yarn, allowing maximum breathability aiding in reducing condensation
  • Proofed weight is an impressive 550gsm making it one of the heaviest swag canvas weights on the market today
  • Proofing is conducted using a double pass dip and dry method, unlike many inferior imported poly/cotton canvases which use a synthetic blade coat PU method which eliminates all cloth breathability characteristics.


  • Max-Treme® Canvas: Specifically formulated canvas providing strength, durability, breathability and excellent water resistance used on our core Max-Treme® range of swags.
  • Alloy 7001 Support Poles: Made from high tensile alloy, designed not to fade, splinter or be affected by UV break down in Australia’s harsh conditions. Shock corded together for easy fold up and small enough to roll into the swag.
  • Foam Mattress: 50mm or 70mm medium high-density foam providing comfort and support while allowing the swag to be rolled compact. The mattress is covered in a polypropylene zippered cover which is easily removed.
  • Fly wire UV: Superfine, stabilised, durable heavy weight coated polyester fly wire is less prone to tearing and folding cracks.
  • PVC: Combination of polyester base cloth, coated with a PVC compound provides an extremely strong and 100% waterproof material used as flooring on Darche swags and tents.
  • Zips: Heavy gauge polyester No. 10, No. 8, No. 5 coil zips ensure hassle free slide action and strength. Meet Australian Standard AS 2332-2006 classifications.


  • Siliconised Hollow Fibre: Hollow fibre provides a great air trapping feature which allows body heat to be retained within the bag. With its high loft character
  • and great comfort, siliconised hollow fibre is regarded as a leader in sleeping bag fills.
  • Zip: No.5 two-way double tab coil, conforms to Australian Standards 2332-2006 classifications.
  • Wind baffle: Wind Baffle provides wind & cold protection along zip & seam.
  • 3D Collar: Designed to trap warm air within the bag preventing heat escape from the shoulder/neck area.
  • Shaped Hood: Designed to prevent heat loss from head area.
  • Anti Snag Zip Guide: Added to prevent zip snag along opening.
  • Zip Together: All Darche hooded bags are fitted with either a left or right hand zip, enabling bags to be zipped together.


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