Utterly Epic

Graham Cahill. — April 24, 2014

It’s about that time of the year, first couple of months are over, the wet season is all done bar a few late showers, rivers are starting to subside and the run-off has just about finished. Yep, thoughts of heading north have started.

I’m a lucky bugger, I’ve got two epic northern trips planned for 2014. The Cape is on the cards once again, however we won’t be hitting that old classic till mid-June. Perfect timing in some respects, given conditions will be ideal, however for a fishing and 4WDing nutter like myself, that’s just a bit late for my tastes. However in just a couple of days time, I’m heading right up into the Gulf country chasing big run-off barra from a remote water way; this is the trip of my dreams. Utterly epic.

For many this would be a month long sojourn, plenty of time to stop and smell the roses, however we simply don’t have the time; we are attempting a 6,000km journey plus a week’s fishing in just 12 days. Yep, you read that right.

The key is in the preparation. We have an itinerary planned, we know each days driving distance plus camping sites on the way up and back. Two people per 4WD to share the driving makes it much easier. The rest is really just about doing it rather than taking the easier approach and leaving it till we have more time. Sure, more time would be great but its just not a luxury we have. No excuses is the name of the game. Got 12 days to spare? Go do a dream trip.

Best case scenario is that we have timed everything perfectly, the barra are on the chew and the weather is perfect. Thats the ideal situation. Chances are it perhaps won’t go that smoothly. Barra are a fickle beast, the weather is a gamble at this time of year and heck, 6,000 kms is a long way to travel. Yet to not go is to be 100% definite that you won’t have the trip of a lifetime, we are going so we are in with a chance!

I think that’s the key right there; don’t make an excuse not to go, make an excuse TO go. Time is going to be really tight and we will probably need a holiday from our holiday once we get back but I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is the sort of thing I live for. Having a crack at something ambitious, just having a go. If it all comes together; metre barra, big mangrove jacks, campfires, remote beaches and good mate, it will be the trip we talk about for years to come. If it falls short then we tried and no-one can take that away from us.

You either do or you don’t; we figure we may as well do! Stay tuned for the next update where with all fingers and toes crossed, I will be grinning like a crazy monkey holding a shiny saltwater Gulf barra; utterly stoked on life. Or I’m bogged....either way its going to be epic!


Comment by Greg fleet on April 24, 2014

Love to tagalong on one of your trips I run a map and 4x4/camping shop in Geelong next time your in The area calle in for a chat

Comment by wayne troy on April 24, 2014

I have the best family auto pro in O'Conner. WA I get discounts on my 4×4 wheel drive Toyota Prado. I am on a trip of a life time around as Australia can't wait just to lancerline to top of WA and the road back on the beach again

Comment by Aaron on May 19, 2014

Hi Graham,

Love the attitude - work to live, not live to work!


Comment by David Mark Bshop on June 19, 2014

"Livin'n the dream!" You lucky bugger!!! You've just given me inspiration to plan my own epic trip but rather than catching the big one on a line mine is to catch a big wide remote landscape on film.

Just me, my Canon Eos's, my Manfrotto, my Cotton Carrier, my camping set up and my trusty 4WD to take me there.... oh and a beer of course :-) This must be just like living in paradise!