Summer Holidays Checklist

Graham Cahill. — December 17, 2013

Mid-week in the last working week of December is not exactly my most productive time of the year…to say the least. I don’t think I’d be alone either, thoughts this time of the season are on anything but working; beaches, bent fishing rods and low range are occupying the limited space I have in my head, holidays are nearly here.

Course it’s the effort I put in prior to heading away that makes the difference in my opinion. No, I’m not talking about making sure the boss is happy before bolting out the door on Friday arvo (although that’s not a bad idea for future leave passes), I’m far more concerned with getting my gear squared away and ready to roll, well before departure date.

Up first of course is the 4WD. Servicing is the big one and my plan of attack is to map out the distance I’m likely to cover while on holiday and if that distance causes the 4WDs service interval to lapse while away, I service prior to heading off. See I figure it’s better to do a slightly premature service than run over length. While you’re under the old bus, have a good look at all other components; attach a grease gun to anything that needs it, roll a spanner over all exposed nuts and bolts, check for wear on belts and hoses, basically have a good old fashioned feel around and replace anything that looks like it may cause trouble.

Next on the list for me is grabbing my swag or tent, unrolling it and giving it a good airing. Even hit it with the hose, wash it down and remove dust and cobwebs, basically give it a refreshing Xmas present. After all, that’s going to be your home for the next couple of weeks, best make it as clean as possible. While you are there, do the same with sleeping bags and bedding; nothing worse than climbing into bed on night one only to discover a skanky old sleeping bag that’s been under wraps for 12 weeks! Lastly, take the time to erect your swag or tent and make sure everything is in place and working as it should.

It’s about now I like to give my 4WDs water tank a thorough clean as well. I use one tank for camp water which I keep separated from my drinking water. With the main tank, I remove the bung and thoroughly flush with fresh water, before leaving to dry for a few days. My drinking water tank gets a solution of bicarb and water sloshed about then drained, rinsed and again, left open and empty to dry.

Of course, for me, summer holidays mean wetting a line on the south coast, so just like everything else, my fishing gear gets a thorough once over well before the beach is insight. All reels are serviced and packed with new grease, braid is checked and new leader tied, tackle boxes are sorted and restocked, as well as an assortment of rigs pre-made and packed in snap lock bags then finally all gear is packed away neatly ready for action.

Finally, I give the storage solution on the rear of my GU a complete clean. Everything is removed from the draw units, and the rear is emptied as best as I can. A quick hit with the vacuum to freshen things up, before repacking. I keep a notebook in the back with a list of what needs replacing from the last trip, so of course I attend to this now as well. The trusty fridge also comes out and is washed out with detergent then rinsed and given a wipe over with vanilla essence; smells like brand new! All camp lighting and power sources in the rear are double checked and finally I go over my laminated checklist sheet to make sure I haven’t forgotten to pack anything vital; like toilet paper!!

Time is perhaps one of the most precious commodities we have in this busy world in which we live, I recon by putting in just a little effort prior to the holiday period, you maximise your free time and minimise your work time. After all, who wants to be fixing their 4WD when the tailor are running down south? Not me, that’s for sure!


Comment by david k hunt on December 17, 2013

doing what come natural to having fun

Comment by Rick Playle on December 18, 2013

Graham, your a tease mate :) many of us have such dreams, you made yours a reality , good onya

Comment by Aaron on May 19, 2014

That is one cracker GU ute mate - absolutely awesome setup