If there is a will, there’s a way

Graham Cahill. — October 22, 2014

Work to Live, don’t Live to Work. By now, if you have ever actually got to the bottom of one of my blogs (can’t blame you if you haven’t, I do tend to rabbit on a bit...) that statement will be familiar to you. I try to live by it as closely as possible, seems from the correspondence I’ve been receiving of late, so too are a fair mob of you.

In just the last 3 weeks I’ve had private messages via social media from 2 couples, 2 singles and a family; all of whom have decided enough is enough, changes need to be made. Here’s the break down; three trips around Aus (all with no set time frame in mind for the record), one world trip with camera in hand and a complete change of job to address the work/life balance. In case you were wondering, the family is doing a hot lap with kids in tow, a single hitting Europe and the other single smashing out a job change. That’s a pretty good cross section of Aus there I’d say; if they can do it....

Now I know, before you all start, there are a list of excuses as long as your arm as to why you haven’t, aren’t, can’t, won’t, shouldn’t, didn’t, isn’t; I’ve heard em all. Some are even valid! Thing is, change for the better, as a rule, doesn’t just jump up and bite you on the bum like a bull ant in summer. In fact, often the more rewarding the change, the greater the swing to the left, the bigger the conclusion, the longer it takes to achieve.

Here, right here is the key; you have to make the decision to do it, then make changes!

The single hardest thing to do when trying to address that all important dream of a better work/life balance is making the decision to actively address it. This could be as simple as telling your boss you want to job share or even drop down to 4 days a week. Other side of the coin could be saying good bye to your boss altogether and planning a 4WD odyssey around the globe. Both start with the very same thing; making the decision to do it then acting!

The real key thing to remember is that if there is a will, there’s a way. I’m going to drop another over used phrase here; from little things, big things grow (and please, no height jokes hey!). See once you have made that decision to get out more, surf more, fish more, 4WD more; whatever the heck it is anything you do to take you in that direction makes a huge difference, no matter how small the action really is.

Back in 2005 I made the call that I was going to get out of a job I wasn’t stoked with and do a lap of Aus; from the minute I made that call and set a date, I began implementing very small shifts in activity and lifestyle to make my decision happen. I stopped eating out (not once in 13 months did I buy take away, eat at a restaurant nor buy my lunch). I only went out on the town for important occasions and even then, left my wallet home and took only cash (mates thought at first I was being tight but as the months wore on and my goal got closer, they got it, really got it).

Those are just two examples of tiny, almost insignificant things I started doing that altered my current course and started me tracking towards a completely different destination. In that 13 month period, I had saved more than I ever thought I possibly could. Small things.

That family I mentioned up top; they are 18 months out from heading off. The very first thing they did the next morning was put an email through to a home school organisation to get info on how to keep the kids education up while on the road. One email; that’s all they did and the change of course was started. Their route just got completely altered, with a decision and one email.

If just one person makes a phone call, sends an email, takes their lunch to work or even just sets a date after reading this, then I recon that’s bloody fantastic. Think big then act small for as long as it takes to finally get that balance right; Work to Live, stuff Living to Work!