Easter Camping – How To Get It Right

Daniel Lee. — February 17, 2017

So you want your family to engage in something a little different than the standard routine of sitting around the table feasting on food that has taken hours to prepare – only to crash on the couch after lunch when the afternoon sleepiness hits you. You want to tell your family, let’s just load the car and get away for the weekend. But then it dawns on you that you have to bring the in-laws, cousins, aunties, uncles, grandparents, and possibly even pets. You need to cater for everyone. Make everyone happy. Not forget a single thing. Well, outdoor enthusiasts, getting your family to go on an Easter camping or 4x4 touring trip is easier than you think. Here’s how to get it right.

How to sleep families of different ages and sizes

The number of people will determine what kind of setup you will be most convenient to you.

The Hi-View Gen 2 RTT will sleep a young family of 3 or 4; mum, dad and 1 or 2 little ones. With a versatile 3 way Annex, this RTT is a robust built unit. Constructed using a 260gsm poly/cotton ripstop canvas, the tent will perform and last, ensuring hassle free touring. The Hi-View Gen 2 comes complete with a large full width window, improved class leading ventilation and sky roof star gazing views. Fitted with the RTM 1400, the self-inflation/deflation of this mattress allows for extra storage room of your sleeping gear without interfering with easy pack down. Its water resistant outer shell ensures easy cleaning and its open cell high density foam ensures optimum comfort and support for an undisturbed night’s sleep.

For a family of 4 or 5 with growing kids, the Xtender awning tent will allow you to set up within close proximity of your vehicle and drive away at any time, leaving your humble abode untouched. Attaching to your Eclipse Awning, the Xtender can also be left free standing.

Use as a sleeping room or as a day shelter and pair with the 90 second setup Nebula 1550 to keep your family content.




The Nebula 2400 can also be used as a sleep room or day shelter. The excellent cross flow ventilation, climate control, 360° panoramic views and multiple entry points is especially great for babies and toddlers when they need a change, nap or play.

For the anti-outdoors, get-those-tent-poles-away-from-me family members the Air-Volution™ AD Swag will keep things completely simple and easy. With only one inflation point, the Air-Volution™ high capacity hand pump will inflate the entire swag in less than 20 seconds. No poles, no fuss. Available in 900, 1100 & 1400 – great for singles and couples.

The Dusk to Dawn and Dirty Dee swags are both ideal for the well-seasoned camper. Tough, durable and spacious enough to fit your bag of clothes at the end of the swag. Pair these swags in 1100 wide with the XL 100 stretcher to be elevated above rocky and uneven ground.

Sleeping with the weather

The ideal sleeping bag will depend on the weather. During April, the temperatures are likely to reach the early 20’s. The Cold Mountain Canvas is well suited to these weather conditions with a -5° comfort rating. Enough to keep you toasty as the nights get chilly, without waking up in a pool of sweat in the middle of the night. 

If your further North and are expecting temperatures of mid-late 20’s, the Cold Mountain Lite is designed for year round camping, from warm summer nights to the cold of the high country.


Day-time comfort

The gear you use throughout the day time is equally important. The Vipor XVI chair can accommodate to many ages and physical requirements. Comfort is a key design component, keeping relaxation in mind along with structural support to feel upright when eating or reading. Features include a storage pocket for devices and personal items that can be attached on either arm rest, a retractable drink holder and a large rear storage pocket to keep zipper carry bag close by.

Food – the most important part of all. Naturally, we all still want to have a delicious and impressive feast on Easter Sunday.  A simple 1 pot wonder that takes care of itself over the course of the day will leave time for walks, Easter egg hunts with the kids, and time to relax with a bev and good company. The Traka table is an alloy top folding table that resists heat sources whilst preparing your outdoor meals and will be sturdy and durable enough to support you through your quick fix and hands-on tasks.

Tested & Approved by the team at Darche (including kids), our Campfire Roast Beef & Vegie Recipe is Coming Soon

Accessories & Spare parts

When it comes to carrying all of your personal items on board your vehicle, saving space is important. The Nero gear bag can solve a few problems. The Nero is an all-weather water resistant gear bag. Available in 3 versatile sizes, the Nero gear bag will protect your gear all year round. The Nero 60 is suitable for your personal gear and will also keep your biker swag dry. The Nero 190 will carry swags up to 1100mm wide and the Nero 240 will hold your double 1400mm wide swag with ease. The Nero is not just a swag bag - it’s his, hers and the rest! Throw it on top of your roof racks and transport swags, sleeping bags, pillows and clothes with the comfort of knowing they’ll be dry, dust/road grime free and ready to go when you arrive at your destination.  

For more convenience, the Mudmate is an add-on that doubles as a multipurpose personal gear bag and doormat to add to your camping setup. Peg outside your swag or tent to store shoes, clothes and accessories. Protect your belongings against the elements including your boots with 2 additional boot bag inserts, to separate the clean from the dirty.

There are ‘like to haves’ and there are ‘must haves’. The D.I.Y Swag Pole Repair Kit is a staple item, like keeping flour in your pantry or keeping a spare tyre in your vehicle. This repair kit can be kept on hand to repair the pole of any 700mm – 1400mm wide arch dome or segmental dome swag. Use the kit as an emergency back-up when camping, 4X4 touring, hunting and fishing. Complete with alloy poles, shock cord, ring stoppers and a tube cutter, you can say goodbye to broken swag pole headaches.

The team at Darche live & breathe the outdoors. For advice on how to get the ideal setup for your camping or 4x4 touring trip, send us an email to info@darche.com.au


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