Darche has re-inflated the patented Air-Volution™ tent and pumped it up with even more innovation and world-class technology. The AT-4 and AT-6 as you know it will once again revolutionise the way you camp.


Extremely durable and practical with spacious internal areas, the Air-Volution™ technology replaces traditional tent poles with fast set up air poles that can be inflated in minutes. Numerous features are specifically engineered to suit Australian conditions, with the ridge air pole design providing excellent stability. Gone are the days where families are left spending too much of their touring and camping time reading instructions and pinching themselves on fiberglass or metal poles. The Air-Volution™ tent eliminates lost, broken or forgotten poles and issues related to broken or jammed quick set-up frames!


In 2016, the Air-Volution™ AT-6 was tested under ground-breaking winds. Great forces were applied to all integral structural elements, including major A&B seams. Full recovery and no structural damage was recorded at 3.5 minutes of constant wind suspended at 69kph.
New improved fly now fully covers the air poles and the main body of the tent increasing protection from the elements as well as improving The Air-Volution’s insulating properties.
Structural integrity has been improved with stronger pole mechanisms
The shape of the air poles have changed providing a spacious feel with the near vertical side walls.
The angled rear pole provides increased stability.
The ability to attach optional side walls to the awning, extending the overall sheltered area and creating more usable space.



Darche bring with the Air-Volution™ technology, replacing traditional swag poles with easy fast set up air poles. The first of its kind in Australia, the Air-Volution™ dome swag has been engineered and tested in Australia for local conditions, and continues Darche's tradition of being the innovation leader. The Air-Volution™ is simple to set up and take down, with the air pole connected to the swag and only one inflation point. No more lost, broken or poles left behind, and you can now get on with what matters when outdoors!